Tuesday March 15

Duane J. Roth Auditorium, Sanford Consortium Bldg

07:45 AM

Opening Remarks

Edward Holmes, President, Sanford Consortium

08:00 AM


Keynote Session

Chair: Professor Larry Goldstein (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego)
Professor Shinya Yamanaka (CiRA, Kyoto University) "Recent Progress in iPS Cell Research and Application"
Professor Fred H. Gage (Sanford Consortium, Salk Institute) "Modeling Human Psychiatric Diseases in Vitro"

9:30 AM


09:45 AM


Session 1: In Vitro Disease Modelling and Epigenetics

Chair: Professor Alysson Muotri (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego)
Professor Bing Ren (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego) “The 3-Dimensional Organization of Genomes”
Professor Alysson Muotri (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego) “Modeling MeCP2 Disorders with iPSCs”
Professor Haruhisa Inoue (CiRA, Kyoto University) “Dissecting Neurodegenerative Diseases with iPSC Technology”
Professor Hirohide Saito (CiRA,Kyoto University) “Synthetic RNA Switch Technologies to Detect & Control Live Cell Populations”

11:45 AM

01:00 PM


Session 2: Cell and Tissue Differentiation and Behavior

Chair: Professor Catriona Jamieson (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego)
Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte (Sanford Consortium, Salk Institute) “Crossing xeno-barriers: the hidden dimension of distinct flavors of pluripotency”
Professor Kelly Frazer (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego) “Genetic Determinants of Gene Expression in a Collection of 215 Human iPSCs”
Professor Dan S. Kaufman (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego) “Anti-Cancer Therapies Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells”

2:45 PM


Introduction to Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

Mr. Junji Oshima (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) "Mechanisms of JSPS Support of International Collaborations"

3:15 PM


Session 3: Clinical Application of Cell Replacement-Based Therapies

Chairs: Professor Martin Marsala (SCRM, UC San Diego) & Alexander Norbash (UC San Diego)
Professor Jun Takahashi (CiRA, Kyoto University) "Challenges Towards Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease"
Professor Carl Hoh (UC San Diego) "Quantitative Measurements of Biologic Processes with PET"
Professor Martin Marsala (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego) "Spinal Cell-Replacement Therapies for Treatment of Spinal Traumatic Injury: an Update"
Professor Catriona Jamieson (Sanford Consortium, UC San Diego) "Role of RNA Editing in Leukemia Stem Cell Evolution"

5:15 PM


Bella Vista Social Club & Cafe (adjacent to Duane J. Roth Auditorium)