Tuesday March 15

J. R. Beyster Auditorium, Rady School of Management

08:30 AM

Opening Address

Scott Lippman, Director, Moores UCSD Cancer Center

8:40 AM


Keynote Session

by Professor Roger Y. Tsien, UC San Diego 

Introduction & Chair: Professor Nguyen Quyen (UC San Diego)
Professor Roger Tsien (UC San Diego) "Molecules for Imaging and Radiosensitizing Cancer"

9:20 AM


Session 1: Molecular Imaging

Chair: Professors Nguyen Quyen & David Vera (UC San Diego)
Professor Masakazu Toi (Kyoto University) “Axillary Surgery Using Fluorescence Lymphatic Mapping for Primary Breast Cancer”
Professor Anne Wallace (UC San Diego) “Molecular Imaging of the Sentinel Lymph Node”

10:10 AM

10:25 AM


Session 2: Tumor Microenvironment

Chair: Professor Scott Lippman (UC San Diego)
Professor Makoto Mark Taketo (Kyoto University) “Animal Models of Cancer”
Professor Napoleone Ferrara (UC San Diego) “Regulation of Angiogenesis”

11:45 AM

1:00 PM


Collaboration Update

Chair: Professor Kumar Sharma (UC San Diego)
Professor Motoko Yanagita (Kyoto University) "Crosstalk Inside the Kidney Determines Kidney Plasticity"

02:10 PM

Introduction to Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

Dr. Masayuki Izutsu (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) "Mechanisms of JSPS Support of International Collaborations"

2:20 PM

Session 3: Inflammatory Response – its Regulation and Application

Chair: Professor Kayo Inaba (Kyoto University)
Professor Osamu Takeuchi (Kyoto University) “Targeting Posttranscriptional Regulators in Inflammation”
Professor Dennis Carson (UC San Diego) “New Prospects for Immunotherapy”

3:50 PM

Session 4: Innate Immune Cell-Targeted Immunotherapy

Chair: Dr. Yasunori Yamaguchi (Kyowa Hakko Kirin California, Inc)
Professor Maripat Corr (UC San Diego) “Dendritic Cells as a Target for Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases”
Professor Kayo Inaba (Kyoto University) "Initiation and Regulation of Immune Responses by Dendritic Cells"